Applicature Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

Applicature review
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Applicature stands out as a firm that provides marketing services to clients in the crypto and DeFi space and more.

To understand this company better, let’s dive into its scope of offering and check out clients it has served in the past.

What is Applicature?

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Applicature is a blockchain PR, development, and marketing agency. As stated earlier, the company exclusively provides marketing services to DeFi and blockchain innovations and investments. 

It started operation in San Francisco, US, in 2017. Since then, it claims to have completed over 150 projects for 100+ clients.

Applicature initially participated in DeFi development in its earlier years. Then, it developed smart contracts and designed dozens of tokenomics and data for decentralized platforms.

It has an Acceleration Program that focuses on helping early-stage companies walk through the building process. The focus here is on business strategies and technology processes. 

The company has full-time business analytics and blockchain experts in its staff. It also has a C-level team that connects startups with investors and global partners.

Applicature stands out as a top blockchain agency because it deals with blockchain projects with result-oriented strategies that have kept them in business over the years. It also occasionally reviews clients’ business models, adjusting the models to meet the growing demands of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Website, Youtube, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Github

Did you know: Applicature has secured the #17 spot in our top blockchain marketing agencies roundup.

Range of Offering

  • Blockchain Consulting: Applicature helps companies tap into the power of blockchain. It offers DeFi firms world-class consultancy services, helping them to make well-informed decisions.
  • Blockchain Development: Applicature helps companies take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology. It evaluates promising blockchain options for client projects and chooses models that fit best.
  • Investor Relations for Startups: Applicature creates effective two-way communication between startups and investors. It also provides these investors with an accurate account of company affairs to help them decide.
  • Startup Advisory: Applicature provides pre-startup advisory services. It walks the startup through the beginning stages to the operational phase.
  • DeFi Development: DeFi projects are on the rise, and Applicature is helping its clients build the best of them. The firm helps companies take advantage of the potentials of DeFi and offers strategies to help such firms make the switch from their traditional setups to DeFi.
  • Fundraising and ICO: Through ICOs, decentralized platforms can raise capital and liquidity for their projects. Applicature connects investors to startups, helping them receive utility tokens in exchange for their investment in the business.
  • Marketing services: Startups need effective marketing to reach their target audience. Applicature boasts of being able to provide these services for small businesses.

Client Portfolio

Applicature Address

123 Mission St. 16th Floor, San Francisco, US.

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