30+ Best Crypto Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Best Crypto Influencers

Twitter is the foremost and hottest crypto-friendly platform on the internet right now. And crypto influencers are emerging on the platform daily. However, not all who boast to be influencers actually fulfill this purpose.

That said, we’ve carefully selected the best crypto influencers you can count on for information and industry insights on Twitter. To make it more organized, we’ve grouped these influencers into respective categories. Let’s get started.

Research and Market Analysts

These research analysts understand blockchain technology as it relates to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. They will give you the much-needed insight into the trends the market takes. Here are our top picks:

Mason Nystrom (Colombiana, USA. 15.8K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Senior research analyst Mason Nystrom works with cryptocurrency research firm, Messari. His interests lie in DeFi, Web3, and NFTs. And if you’re looking for tweets backed by research on the evolution of the crypto ecosystem and metrics, Mason is someone to count on.

Checkmatey ( 24K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Checkmatey is another popular research analyst you can follow on Twitter. As an on-chain analyst, Checkmatey provides you with tons of studies and data-backed information on Bitcoin and Decred on their weekly crypto analytic report on Glassnode.

Willy Woo (New Zealand. 685K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Willy Woo is an esteemed investor and crypto analyst on Twitter. He describes himself as a nomad, investor, and entrepreneur who keeps track of Bitcoin and its trends.

He regularly puts out data-backed tweets about the price of Bitcoin, its behavior, and market forecast. Those willing to get premium advice can subscribe to his newsletter on Substack.

Anthony Pompliano, (New York, USA.1M+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

With over 1 million followers, Anthony stands as one of the most followed crypto analysts on Twitter. He is one of the pioneer supporters of Bitcoin and partners with a hedge fund that deals in digital assets and blockchain tech. You can follow him for invaluable information on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, business, finance, and tech discussions.

Spencer Noon (Miami, USA. 76K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Spence Noon is a crypto market analyst to look out for on Twitter. He is an investor at Variant Fund and updates his followers on tweets on the advancement of decentralized finance, Ethereum, Bitcoin. He also highlights market analysis on his page.

King Co฿IE (432K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

King Cobie is a market analyst who puts out content ranging from cryptocurrency market prices to market analysis. In addition to this, King Cobie makes it a little more fun by sharing crypto memes and trading tips.

Mati Greenspan (Tel Aviv, Israel. 41K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Mati Greenspan is a former Senior Market Analyst for eToro and the founder of Quantum Economics. He helps his followers make better investment decisions to maximize returns by updating his timeline with macroeconomic analysis and portfolio diversification.

₿itDealer (24K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

BitDealer is another top market analyst on our Twitter crypto influencer list. The analyst focuses on crypto research and analysis and is also the founder of the crypto research setup, Markets Science. Following BitDealer will get you access to tons of weekly data-based graphs and crypto market analysis.

Crypto Journalists

Tim Copeland (20K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Tim Copeland is a news editor at ‘The Block.’ He takes his time to update his followers on crypto trends regularly. You will find tons of crypto insights, crypto personalities, trends, and hot topics on his Twitter handle, including those covering NFTs.

Michael del Castillo (New York, USA. 20K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Michael del Castillo is a renowned journalist and associate editor for Forbes. He writes extensively on the impact of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption by enterprises. Michael also covers non-crypto uses and applications of blockchain in supply chain management, finance, digital identity, etc.

Jamie Redman (Florida, USA. 10K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Jamie Redman is a fintech journalist based in Florida. For over 10 years, he’s been active in the crypto sphere writing passionately about Bitcoin, dApps, DeFi source codes. Redman has written tons of articles for Bitcoin.com on emerging disruptive protocols in the digital asset space.

Peter McCormack (Bedford, England. 338K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Peter McCormack is a British blockchain and tech journalist and podcaster with a large following on Twitter. In addition to interviewing leaders in the blockchain and crypto space, Peter runs the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast twice a week.

Founders and CEOs

Elon Musk (Texas, USA. 59M+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

One of the world’s richest men, Elon Musk, is a big supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Elon Musk has been in the news for some time now and has earned a name in the Twitter crypto trends table. When he’s not posting crypto memes or cryptic Dogecoin hints, Elon Musk shares some useful cryptocurrency tips.

Justin Sun (Singapore. 3M Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Justin Sun is a familiar name in the crypto space. Besides being a protégé of billionaire founder Jack Ma, he is the CEO and founder of some global crypto projects, including TRON and BitTorrent. He updates his Twitter followers from his wealth of crypto and blockchain knowledge.

Vitalik Buterin (2.3M Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Vitalik Buterin co-founded Ethereum as a 19-year-old programmer enthusiastic about all things cryptocurrency. Years later, Vitalik is a global voice and an influence on the crypto Twitter space. You can follow the Ethereum co-founder if you ever need unbiased and intellectually thoughtful crypto conversations on Twitter.

Charlie Lee (1M Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Charlie Lee is popular for founding Litecoin. He is also a committed market analyst, always updating his followers and those in the Twitter crypto community with tons of invaluable crypto resources and information.

Brian Armstrong (San Francisco, USA. 787K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Brian Armstrong is one of the big names in the founders and CEOs sphere on Twitter. He is the co-founder of Coinbase. Additionally, he is also active in non-profit crypto institutions such as the one he also co-founded known as “Give Crypto.” Brian contributes to the growth of cryptocurrency and a world with more economic freedom, one tweet at a time.

Changpeng Zhao (490K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Changpeng Zhao is the founder of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. He is also an avid contributor to the crypto community on and off Twitter. Occasionally he updates his Twitter timeline, which helps to educate his followers on cryptocurrency, including use cases of Binance’s native token, BNB.

Andreas Antonopoulos (620K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Andreas is popularly known as a bitcoin evangelist, considering how often he speaks at events and the number of books he has written on cryptocurrency. He has a strong social media presence and followership on Twitter, where he often shares useful digital finance and Bitcoin tips.

Crypto Publishers

Coindesk (1.9M+  Followers) 

Journalists from Coindesk constantly feature on popular TV news networks like CBS News and CNBC. Coindesk has set out to build an influential and widely trusted media platform to serve the global crypto community and help transform the financial system and crypto economy.

You can get tons of invaluable and properly referenced crypto articles, market data and analysis, investment options, and other financial news and updates through Coindesk’s Twitter handle.

Ethereum World News ( 8.8K+ Followers) 

The team at Ethereum World News is a fine mix of industry professionals experienced in tech and cryptocurrency. They regularly put out news content on revolutionary impacts of crypto and blockchain technology and daily cryptocurrency headlines from around the world. Their Twitter page is a quicker way to stay up to date with happenings in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Crypto Potato (23K+ Followers) 

Since its establishment in 2016, Crypto Potato has risen to become one of the most trusted platforms for genuine information about the cryptocurrency market that investors can rely on to get the most out of their crypto experiences. The news company regularly updates Its Twitter handle with information on blockchain technology, Bitcoin, altcoins, crypto investments, and many more.

Coincentral (8.5K+ Followers) 

Coincentral is one of the world’s most trusted sources for all things cryptocurrency. The crypto news outlet has been at the fore of blockchain and cryptocurrency information since 2017. If you’re too lazy to check out the website, they dish out headlines and crypto news on Twitter too. 

Non-English Crypto Influencers

While there is an endless list of English-speaking crypto influencers, there are tons of other great crypto influencers who are non-English. We’ve catgorized them according to their language.

Spanish Speaking Crypto Influencers

Alex Puig (Barcelona, Spain. 66K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Alex Puig is one of Spain’s biggest blockchain and crypto influencers. He’s an Identity Strategist and is passionate about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dapps, Blockchain, and Self Sovereign ID. 

Cris Carrascosa (Valencia, Spain. 23K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Cris is a lawyer and a member of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum. She’s also the founder and managing partner at ATH21. You can find several useful insights into blockchain tech when you follow Cris on Twitter.

Iñaki Arrola (34.6K Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Inaki used to sell cars until he ventured into the crypto space. He is now a top crypto investor and evangelist on social media, most especially Twitter. He is one of Spain’s highly experienced entrepreneurs and is the founder of coches.com.

Jose Antonio Bravo (Valencia, Spain. 15K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Antonio works at Negotians as a tax economist and accountant. He’s been curious about cryptocurrency and dedicates his Twitter page to staying opinionated about Bitcoin and other trending matters in the crypto space.

Eric J. Garcia Cruz (Cuba. 18K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Eric Garcia is a programmer, Youtuber, and crypto enthusiast. His Twitter account is known for a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm. You can follow Eric on Twitter if you need to be kept abreast of happenings in the crypto world in Spanish.

Italian Speaking Crypto Influencers

Antonio Grasso (Napoli, Italy. 209K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Antonio Grasso is an Italian entrepreneur, technologist, researcher, and digital creator known for founding Italian startup Digital Business Innovation “Srl.” He also has an interest in IoT development.

Giacomo Zucco (Milan, Italy. 43K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

A Milan native, Giacomo Zucco is a graduate of physics and has worked with Accenture. Giacomo is also the founder of several startups in the blockchain and Bitcoin spaces, one of which is BitcoinLab. His weekly tweets are a source of information for many experts in the Italian crypto community.

German-speaking Crypto Influencers

Dominik Schiener (Berlin, Germany. 52K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Dominik is one of the Founders of Tangle-based cryptocurrency, Iota. He is also a co-founder of The Iota Foundation and is very active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space with multiple projects of his own. He still takes out time to contribute to crypto on his Twitter handle.

Oleg Andreev (Berlin, Germany. 19.5K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Oleg Andreev is a popular software developer and protocol architect at Interstellar. He has an interest particularly in UI design, Crypto-anarchy, and information security. Twitter is one platform he uses to enlighten his followers.

Johannes Drooghaag (Cologne Area, Germany. 36K+ Followers)

Image Source: Twitter

Dr. Johannes Drooghaag serves as the CEO of the German company Spearhead Management. He dedicates his time to speaking on topics such as AI, Blockchain, and Executive Leadership. Johannes is also an author of several books, and when he isn’t speaking, he is Tweeting at the German crypto community and beyond.


From market analysts to crypto publishers and journalists, these are some of the best cryptocurrency influencers on Twitter to help you stay updated with the crypto industry. We’ll be constantly adding influencers to the list, so feel free to drop a message below with brands you think we should add!

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