50+ Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts To Follow In 2022

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In 2022, listening to podcasts is a great way to stay informed and the cryptocurrency space doesn’t lack the supply.

The recent cryptocurrency bull run of 2021 has got more people interested in crypto than ever before. As a result, there’s bigger demand for crypto content.

With the vast number of cryptocurrency podcasts to choose from, how do you know which to pick? Worry not, this article lists the best crypto podcasts you should be tuning in to in 2021. Let’s get started.

Best Bitcoin Podcasts

If there’s anything constant about the Bitcoin space and its market, it is the high volatility. Trends and figures change, and sometimes all it takes is a matter of seconds.

So to stay up to date with trends in the Bitcoin space, you need more than books. These are some of the most popular and best crypto podcasts in the Bitcoin space. 

Unchained (Laura Shin)

aura Shin via Unchained

Unchained is a podcast run by Forbes Crypto’s ex-editor, Laura Shin. Laura is a cryptocurrency and blockchain journalist, and she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience into the Unchained podcast. Unchained is great for newbie Bitcoin investors and people who want to keep up with its crazy world.

Laura has interviewed crypto big names like Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. Since it launched in 2016, the podcast has grown to be a favorite for Bitcoiners. Laura has amassed over 160,000 followers on Twitter and Unchained runs for around 48 minutes per episode.

The Pomp Podcast (Anthony Pompliano)

Anthony Pomp via The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano is one of the best crypto podcasts you can find for Bitcoin-related content. Anthony Pompliano frequently features crypto heavyweights and influencers in the industry on his podcast. He has hosted the likes of Mark Cuban, a feat several crypto podcasts can’t boast of.

The Pomp Podcast has also garnered more than 300 episodes covering interesting topics that listeners can choose. Former NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie and Binance founder Changpeng Zhao are also notable names with episodes on the Pomp Podcast.

What Bitcoin Did (Peter McCormack)

Peter McCormack via What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack is a recognizable name in the crypto world, and he owns one of the best Bitcoin podcasts on our list. Peter has a strong following on social media, with 322.7K, 548K, and 1.4K followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, respectively. What Bitcoin Did focuses on Bitcoin as well as the foundational asset of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.

Bitcoin Audible (Guy Swann)

Guy Swann via Bitcoin Audible

Guy Swann is the brain behind Bitcoin Audible, one of the easily accessible and best bitcoin podcasts out there. Bitcoin Audible holds an episode every week, with each episode running at an average length of 69 minutes.

One unique thing about the content that Guy puts out is that they are mixed format. While some episodes are interviews, others are readings.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast (Trace Mayer)

Trace Meyer via Twitter

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast began as far back as January 2008 and has remained dedicated to flying the flag of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. Trace Mayer hosts the podcast and regularly interviews top personalities in the Bitcoin industry.

Bottomshelf Bitcoin (Josh Humphrey)

Josh Humphrey via Twitter

Bottomshelf Bitcoin which began in January 2018 is one of the most basic—in terms of understanding—and top bitcoin podcasts to consider. The podcast allows listeners to access raw Bitcoin facts, figures, and knowledge in a 69-minute episode released 3 times a year.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Co-host, Demetrick via The Bitcoin Podcast Network

With The Bitcoin Podcast Network, you’ve got one of the most consistent and longest-running bitcoin podcasts in the industry. Since its launch in 2015, it has helped its wide community of listeners demystify Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Industry heavyweights like Vitalik Buterin and Ryan Watkins have all been guests on the podcast.

Noded Bitcoin Podcast (Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard)

Pierre Rochard via Twitter

The Noded Bitcoin Podcast explores technical news and current events in the global bitcoin community. It is co-hosted and also produced by Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard.

The podcast provides great commentary on all there is to what is happening in the bitcoin world. The podcast began in November 2017 and now runs 7 episodes a year. Each episode runs for an average period of 89 minutes.

Bitcoins and Gravy (John Barret)

John Barret via Bitcoins and Gravy

Bitcoins and Gravy is the work of Tennessee-based writer and entrepreneur John Barret. The podcast holds weekly, and discussions are on anything related to the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Markets (Ansel Linder)

Ansel Linder via SoundCloud

Bitcoin and  Markets is a podcast started by host, Bitcoin specialist, author, and economist, Ansel Lindner in April 2016. It began as heads up to the Bitcoin space about the growing danger to Bitcoin’s decentralized consensus brought by social attacks. Today the podcast is one of the top Bitcoin podcasts for crypto news and discussions.

Lets Talk Bitcoin (Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Dr. Stephanie Murphy, Adam B. Levine, and Jonathan Mohan)

Let’s Talk Bitcoin (LTB), which started in May 2021, is another top bitcoin podcast to keep up with and follow. It gives its listeners and followers a platform to access discussions, people, projects, and ideas contributing to the building of the future of money and a new digital economy. LTB puts out 3 episodes per week.

The Citizen Bitcoin (Tomer Strolight)

Tomer Strolight via Twitter

The Citizen Bitcoin is one of the top bitcoin podcasts to follow. Tomer Strolight hosts Citizen Bitcoin with an episode per quarter. The podcast focuses on the dawn of the Bitcoin renaissance and has done so since February 2018. There’s an average episode length of 83 minutes to enjoy as well.

Best Ethereum Podcasts

Altcoins are always popping up here and there, and it could be hard to keep up with the ones that are worth your while and money and offer real use cases. In this section, we’ll review some of the best podcasts centered on Ethereumーthe biggest altcoin everーand other altcoins generally.

Today in Ethereum

Today in Ethereum is a daily Ethereum brief that covers all the latest happenings in the Ethereum ecosystem. Discussions and interviews range from issues concerning governance, scaling, DeFi, and consensus.

Epicenter (Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian, Meher Roy, Sunny Agarwal, Friederike Ernst)

unny, Roy, Sebastien, Brian, Ernst via Epicenter.tv

Listening to Epicenter is a chance to learn about Ethereum and Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and distributed technologies. 

The podcast brings its many listeners exhaustive conversations on hot topics that border economic, technical, and social impacts of cryptos and blockchains. 

You can find interviews of engineers, academics, business leaders, and entrepreneurs on Epicenter every week as they talk through some of the most exciting topics. 

Sebastien Couture is the founder and host of Epicenter. He hosts the podcast along with Meher Roy, Friederike Ernst, Brian Fabian, and Sunny Aggarwal.

Into the Ether (Eric Conner)

Source: Player.FM 

Into the Ether is another Ethereum podcast you should consider subscribing to and following. The podcast focuses on everything there is to Ethereum as well as decentralized finance (DeFi).

Expect to hear Into the Ether host Eric Conner play host to prominent guests of high reputation in the Ethereum community and wider cryptocurrency sphere. Anthony Sassano does weekly news recaps on the podcast.

Byte-Sized Ethereum (Alexandra Botez & Topher Benson)

Alexandra Botez on Twitter

Are you looking for a podcast that simplifies and makes it easy to learn about Ethereum? You should check out the Byte-sized Ethereum podcast. 

Byte-size’s contents try to make things easier for folks with no technical experience and don’t know where to start when they begin learning about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Alexandra and Topher Benson keep things simple with easy-to-understand explanations and analogies of the Ethereum market and Ether’s ever-changing trajectory.

The Daily Gwei (Anthony Sassano)

Anthony Sassano on Medium

If you need to know everything happening in the Ethereum space, then go for The Daily Gwei. But don’t expect to find investment advice on the podcast, as everything on the channel is strictly for educating. Anthony Sassano hosts the podcast.

NeverMind the Shitcoins (Benjamin Bateman)

amin Bateman via Hackernoo.com

NeverMind the Shitcoins is regarded as the first topical altcoin, bitcoin, and blockchain panel quiz show in the crypto world. It is one of the top crypto podcasts for all things shitcoin too. Most of the points are made through satire, making this podcast a really fun one to follow. 

The Invesicenter Podcast (Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson)

Pysh via theinvestorspodcast.com
Srig Brodersen via theinvestorspodcast.com

Listening to the Investicenter Podcast will give you access to discussions and news covering popular trends, coins, and social events around the crypto investment world. Discussions are pretty laid back and easy to follow, even if you’re new to crypto.

Buddy’s Advice for ICO’s (Bud Leiser)

Bud Leiser via pca.st 

Buddy’s Advice for ICO’s explores discussions on various topics that include altcoins, shitcoins, tokenomics, investor expectations, marketing, white paper, and branding. It is also a great choice and a top cryptocurrency podcast for ICO to raise crowd sales and private investors’ funds.

Altcoin Author Crypto Podcast (Rekt Rob) 

Rekt Rob via Apple Podcasts

As the name suggests, Altcoin Author Crypto Podcast focuses on cryptocurrency and altcoin, especially the newest, dubious, and legit ones. The podcast is based in California and runs on a one-episode per week basis.

Thinking Crypto News and Interviews (Tony Edward)

Tone Edwards on Twitter

Thinking Crypto News and Interviews is one of the top cryptocurrency podcasts for news, sentiments, and trends of the crypto market and trading. 

You’ll also find insightful interviews with some key industry guys and get the chance to learn crypto and digital assets, including XRP and Ethereum. Episodes come out daily and run for an average length of 28 minutes. 

Coin Bureau (Guy)

Image Source: Twitter

Coin Bureau is a UK-based cryptocurrency podcast started in October 2021 that dishes out unbiased cryptocurrency knowledge. The podcast focuses on discussions surrounding different crypto projects, including popular altcoins. 

From time to time, Guy shares tricks and tips to help listeners in their crypto adventure while avoiding rookie mistakes. The podcast runs four episodes per week with an average episode length of 22 minutes.

The Token Metrics Podcast (Dylan Love)

Dylan Love via Tokenmetrics.com

Dylan Love via Tokenmetrics.com

With The Token Matrics Podcast, you get a regular publication of blockchain and updates on various forms of cryptocurrencies. 

What’s more, the podcast, which began in December 2020, focuses on cryptoanalysis, current news, and investment strategies from reputable guest speakers. 

The Token Metrics should help you overcome the emotions of investing via in-depth analysis and leverage machine learning. It releases 30 episodes per week with an average episode length of 21 minutes to enjoy.

GMR Zone (Frank Catena)

Frank Catena via Twitter

GMR Zone is a podcast affiliated with the cryptocurrency GMR Finance. The podcast is one definitive source for updates and news about GMR. Frank takes you through the plans of GMR to combine gaming with the might of cryptocurrency.

Best Blockchain Podcasts

Blockchain podcasts cover some of the most fundamental and recent happenings in the wide blockchain ecosystem. 

They offer a technical and yet simplified analysis of blockchain technology’s past, present, and future. Here are some of the best blockchain podcasts to look out for:

Blockchain Insider Podcast by 11:FS (Simon Taylor)

Simon Taylor via Twitter

The Blockchain Insider Podcast by 11:FS is a blockchain-dedicated podcast created and hosted by Simon Taylor. The podcast runs for an average period of 44 minutes per episode.

With this time, they discuss hot topics that border on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the distributed ledger technology or DLT. 

The podcast is a great news site for both crypto beginners and old-timers, and it puts out 2 episodes every month with interviews from the industry’s very best.

Blockcrunch: For Global Crypto Investors (Jason Choi)

Jason Choi on Twitter

The Blockcrunch is arguably one of the top crypto podcasts for investors of blockchain and cryptocurrency to follow. Blockcrunch started in 2018, runs 4 episodes a month, and regularly has founders and fund managers from all over the world chipping their one cent on successful strategies and theses. 

Host Jason Choi discusses issues and discussions bordering the economics and technology backing crypto projects, trends, and global themes. Episodes on the Blockcrunch run for an average time of 44 minutes. 

The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show Via Twitter

The Blockchain Show is another top blockchain podcast that puts out quality content every week. It aims to clarify the somewhat confusing world of blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and cryptocurrency. 

The Podcast runs an episode per quarter at an average length of 42 minutes. Each episode is filled with great and simplified blockchain knowledge.

Blockteq Talk

Image Source: Blockteq.com

Since it started in September 2018, Blockteq Talk has gained many followers who tune in to learn about blockchains. There are also contents and discussions about cryptocurrencies and how they can make our world socially equitable.

Best Crypto Trading Podcasts

You can keep up with the current happenings in crypto trading and what they mean for the whales and the average investor via any of the following crypto traidng podcasts:

Cryptocurrency For Beginners (Crypto Casey)

asey on Twitter

Crypto is the founder and host of the Cryptocurrency For Beginners Podcast. The podcast makes how-to videos and informational tips on tangle technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and altcoins. 

Cryptocurrency For Beginners is great for crypto newcomers and people with advanced knowledge too. Since May 2020, the podcast runs an average of 18 minutes per episode weekly. 

The Bad Crypto Podcast (Joel Comm and Travis Wright)

Image Source: The Bad Crypto Podcast

Joel and Travis are two professional consultants, Crypto enthusiasts, technologists, and speakers, that co-host The Bad Crypto Podcast

The podcast is easily one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow. It aims to demystify the complex world of crypto trading, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. 

A couple of things you can learn about on the podcast are token generation events and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The podcast runs two episodes per week, and each episode has an average length of 53 minutes. 

Decrypt Daily (Matthew Aaron)

Matthew Aaron via Decrypt.com

Decrypt Daily brings you the latest crypto and Bitcoin news. Host Matthew Aaron plays host to special guests every day with 6 episodes per week. You’ll find daily crypto market updates and breaking news on some of the top cryptocurrencies. Episodes run for an average period of 16 minutes.

The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast (Trader Cobb)

Trader Cobb via The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

Trader Cobb founded and now hosts The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast since February 2018. He gives his listeners, who are major traders, knowledge about the cryptocurrency marketplace and its workings.

On Trader Cobb’s Crypto Podcast, you’ll find everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency market. It runs four episodes per week, with an average duration of ten minutes per episode. 

Ledger Cast (Brian Krogsgard and Josh Olszewicz)

Josh and Brian via Ledger Cast

Ledger Cast covers Bitcoin and crypto trading and the wider cryptocurrency industry, including Ethereum and other altcoins. You’ll find simplified technical and trading analysis knowledge, the basics, and things relevant to the blockchain world on Ledger Cast. 

Nugget News Crypto and Finance Podcast (Alex Saunders)

Alex Saunders via nuggetsnews.com.au

Alex Saunders brings in knowledgeable guests on the podcast Nugget News Crypto and Finance to help break down some complex crypto terms and news. 

Discussions range from cryptocurrency to economics to investing and trading. Episodes on the podcast run for an average duration of 33 minutes. 

Essential Crypto: Beginner to Pro

Image Source: CryptoQuestion

The Essential Crypto: Beginner to Pro is one of the podcasts to help you transition from a cryptocurrency newbie to a pro. Essential Crypto discusses the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading DeFi, ICOs, and NFTs. 

A weekly show called Moonshot Monday also brings you development in the crypto world and hot coins to invest and buy. The podcast puts out episodes weekly, and they run for an average time of 16 minutes. 

Cryptocurrency News Live

The Cryptocurrency News Live podcast is based in San Francisco and has been around since March 2020. The show gives you the latest cryptocurrency market reports, everything new with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain tech. Followers get one episode per day with an average length of 2 minutes. 

Coin Mastery (Carter Thomas)

Carter Thomas via Twitter

Carter Thomas hosts a top crypto podcast, Coin Mastery, which explores the psychology behind markets and the new wave of cryptos worldwide. 

Coin Mastery podcast is best for followers looking to profit from digital assets. There is lots of information, content, and resources based on crypto trading that you can find on this podcast. 

Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts

The wider cryptocurrency space is subject to a lot of change in the shortest possible time. There’s no better way to keep up with these changes than with the best crypto podcasts on the internet. Here are some of them:

Crypto Voices (Matthew Mežinskis)

Matthew Mežinskis via cryptovoices.com

Crypto Voices covers different trends in crypto, Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, crypto-economics, and entrepreneurship. The podcast also discusses decentralization and liberty in the crypto space. From time to time, they feature content from other authors with one episode out every week with an average duration of 69 minutes per episode.

Tales From The Crypt (Marty Bent)

Marty Brent via Podcastnotes

Tales From The Crypt is a US-based cryptocurrency podcast that began in October 2017 and is one of the top crypto podcasts for current news. The show regularly has interesting and insightful folks from the crypto community come to share crypto wisdom. Tales From The Crypt is a two-episode per week podcast with an average episode length of 122 minutes.

Crypto News Alerts

Justin Verrengia via Twitter

Crypto News Alerts is your one-stop source for any latest happenings in the cryptocurrency and digital asset world. Listeners get treated to daily premium content with quality coverage and a breakdown of what’s happening. Crypto News Alerts releases six episodes per week, with an average duration of 21 minutes.

Crypto 101 (Bryce Paul and Pizza Mind)

Crypto 101 Hosts Via Twitter

As the name suggests, Crypto 101 is a podcast that provides you with all you need to begin your crypto journey. 

It is one of the best crypto consumer guides for newbies. On Crypto 101, there are no crypto-jargons, just the truth in simplified terms. Each episode is 37 minutes long and there is one per week.

The Crypto Conversation (Andy Pickering)

Andy Pickering via Twitter

The Crypto Conversation began in June 2019 and is an Auckland-based podcast that brings key players in the blockchain and crypto world to spark conversations about the future.

Host Andy Pickering teaches you how the industry is fast evolving and reshaping the world into the DeFi era. The Crypto Conversation airs three episodes per week and each one runs for about 39 minutes.

Untold Stories (Charlie Shrem)

Charlie Shrem via Twitter

Join the host of Untold Stories, Charlie Shrem, as he takes you through a journey into the lives and histories past of some crypto big guns. Get exposed to never before heard stories and narratives from guests on the crypto movement as well. Two episodes drop every week, and they have an average duration of 45 minutes.

The Cryptocast (Jason Hartman)

Jason Hartman via Audible.com

The Cryptocast began in February 2018, and it features crypto news, commentary, and analysis. There are regular insights and interesting interviews with investors, entrepreneurs, technologists, and bright minds in the crypto space.

The podcast focuses on altcoins, ICOs, tokens, and blockchain technology. Thirteen episodes roll out every year with an average duration of 34 minutes.

The Gentlemen of Crypto (King Bless and Isaiah Jackson)

King Bless via thegentlemenofcrypto.com

King Bless via thegentlemenofcrypto.com

saiah Jackson via thegentlemenofcrypto.com

Hosts King Bless and Isaiah Jackson bring you to live daily blockchain and bitcoin news while bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the community.

If you’re on the hunt for a top crypto podcast with regular market analysis, consider The Gentlemen of Crypto. Their episodes come as frequently as 5 times a week, with an average episode length of 47 minutes.

The Crypto Camp Fire Podcast (Mitch and The Perfesser)

ost The Perfesser via Twitter
Co-host Mitch via Twitter

The Crypto Camp Fire is a weekly podcast that interviews some of the most interesting people from the cryptocurrency space.

The hosts, Mitch and The Perfesser, consistently try to demystify the complexities of the crypto market. The episodes run for an average time length of 49 minutes, with 9 episodes per month.

West Coast Cryptos (Frank Taylor)

California-based crypto podcast, West Coast Cryptos, makes learning about cryptocurrency and following trends easier and way more fun than it should be. West Coast Cryptos release 30 new episodes every year. 

Crypto Knights (Kanth Miriyala)

Kanth Miriyala via cryptoknights.io

Crypto Knights Podcast aims to bridge the cryptocurrency divide that exists today. It does this by spreading quality knowledge of the cryptocurrency world.

The podcast gives listeners a layman view of the cryptocurrency world. Join some of the crypto world’s best minds as they give a dialogical approach and help you understand crypto exchanges easily.

Crypto After Dark (Rick Stoner)

Image Source: Podchaser

On Crypto After Dark, random guests with their wealth of knowledge get invited to hash out anything that concerns crypto, tech, and stock markets. It is a little of everything and episodes have an average length of 5 minutes, with 18 put out each year.

Crypto Token Talk (Kelley Weaver)

Kelley Weaver via Twitter

Crypto Token Talk is a podcast that Kelley Weaver hosts, with episodes coming out three times a year. It explores the new and ever-changing frontier of blockchain technology. 

Crypto Token Talk gives listeners an entertaining and great learning resource to follow. Every episode features different co-hosts and experts in the industry, and they have an average episode length of 29 minutes.

The Crypto Street Podcast (Dale, Whale, and Prince)

Image Source: Twitter

The Crypto Street is a top crypto podcast with three hosts—Dale, Whale, and Prince host. They deliver great crypto content and discussions on a wide range of topics. Expect topics on future wealth management and the state of the markets. 

The Breakdown, With NLW (Nathaniel Whittemore)

Nathaniel Whittemore on Twitter

The Breakdown offers some of the best analyses you can find in the cryptocurrency world. Tuning will get you access to sound macroeconomics, bitcoin, and geopolitics analysis.

Like most podcasts listed thus far, The Breakdown has several prominent guests from the crypto space. Episodes are on a one-episode per day basis.

Unconfirmed Podcast (Laura Shin)

Laura Shin via Twitter

Unconfirmed Podcast is the second podcast that Laura Shin hosts and is more targeted than Unchained. The podcast focuses on demystifying the questions that every cycle in the blockchain world brings—episodes on Unconfirmed last 20 minutes on average.

Stephan Livera Podcast (Stephan Livera)

Stephan Livera via Twitter

Stephan Livera is the host of the titular podcast, the Stephan Livera Podcast, based in Australia. In this podcast, Stephan conducts interviews on some of the brightest minds in the Bitcoin world.

Listeners get to know how money changes and evolves. The Stephen Livera Podcast puts out one episode per week, and they last around 72 minutes.


The first step in choosing the best cryptocurrency podcast is knowing the niche you want to follow and keep up with. Most podcasts focus strictly on specific cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Some diversify to include general topical crypto and blockchain issues. When you decide on what you want to keep up with, the top crypto podcasts in this article should help you stay up to date with everything relevant in the crypto space.

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