Best Crypto Press Release Distribution Services

Thinking to DYI? Check this Crypto Press Release Distribution Services roundup.
Best Crypto Press Release Distribution Services in 2022
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The perpetual growth of the blockchain industry has ushered in innovative trends, such as DeFi, NFT, metaverse, and so much more, keeping the industry on the front pages of the mainstream media.  

But even as the world gradually embraces the nascent blockchain technology, the crypto space is still far from perfect. While some crypto startups are currently in the public eye, enjoying much-needed publicity, lots of other promising crypto startups languish in obscurity.

Sadly, out of over 80,000 crypto projects launched after bitcoin went mainstream, 92% of them failed within only about 1.22 years of their existence. So it’s one thing to have a remarkable blockchain project idea, and it’s another thing for it to survive the tenacity of the market.

Every blockchain project needs publicity, investors, competent employees, and dedicated community members as they can get. Without these, such startups may become another failed project. 

Beyond quality service delivery, the secret of the survival of any blockchain project depends greatly on proper marketing and PR. That’s why new and existing projects should explore the option of hiring a leading blockchain marketing agency to help them communicate their messaging and narratives to the media.

There’s also the DYI option, where every blockchain project can shoot company announcements using press release distribution services to ensure they reach out to the right audience. This will increase the chances of brand visibility and a positive reputation online. That said, let’s take a look at the best press release distribution services providers in 2023.

Best Crypto Press Release (PR) Distribution Services

Getting top press release sites on board with your crypto marketing campaign is a great way to turn things around for your crypto or blockchain startup. 

So far, PR has helped startups attract specific audiences, motivate talented professionals to work for them, and increase investor interest. Picking the best crypto PR firm to work with can be quite tough due to the hundreds of them in the industry.

That’s why we’ve narrowed the search to the eight best online press release services providers that offer top-notch services.

#1. Businesswire

Image Source: BusinessWire

Business Wire, a part of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies, is another top press release site. The site has a distribution network—the NX Network—that publishes content to 100,000+ media outlets across 162 countries.

With 60 years of experience in the industry and 16 offices globally, it’s not surprising that Business Wire has built a reputation for itself. It started offering crypto marketing services almost immediately after the bitcoin craze took over the mainstream media.

Since then, the brand has successfully published thousands of successfully PR contents for some of the big shots in the industry

Pricing overview

  • Local: $475.00 /400-word release
  • Regional: $510.00 /400-word release
  • National: $940.00 /400-word release
  • Core: $2,495.00 /5 non-earnings releases
  • Advanced: $3,295.00 /5 non-earnings releases
  • Premium: $4,195.00 /5 non-earnings releases


  • 100,000 media outlets
  • 162 countries


  • Public Relations Services
  • Distribution & Analytics
  • Investor Relations Services

#2. AccessWire

Image Source: AccessWire

With AccessWire, you get a press release distribution service that helps crypto businesses broadcast key company stories through relevant distribution channels. The agency offers a great cloud-based solution to help businesses with their social engagement, webcast broadcast, targeting, press release builder, press monitoring, and analytics.

Over the years, it has established its footprint in 98 countries with a distribution network of over 1500 media outlets.

Pricing Overview

  • Starts from $159.00 per feature as a one-time payment.


  • 1,500 media outlets
  • 98 countries


  • Press Release Builder
  • Brand asset management 
  • Press Monitoring

#3. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is one of the top PR sites you can consider for your blockchain project. The beautiful thing about the brand is its speed in press release publications. 

It offers targeted influencer outreach and multichannel marketing. Before working with any media outlet, PR Newswire checks the outlet’s reputation, range of services, and overall value.

Pricing overview

  • PR Newswire will charge clients from as low as $350 to as much as $8700. It all depends on the scope of the distribution. 
  • An additional $325 is needed if you want to add multimedia. 


  • 4,500 U.S. websites like Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and Business Journals. Its network reaches nearly 3,000 newsrooms
  • More than 180 mobile partnerships
  • More than 170 countries
  • It reaches 2,600+ sites that can render images and 2,100+ that render videos


  • Targeted influencer outreach
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Public relations 
  • Media targeting 
  • Press releases 
  • Content distribution 
  • Investor Relations 
  • Audience intelligence
  • Marketing services


Cision is one of the full-service PR distribution platforms. The platform empowers the communications team of clients to identify top crypto influencers, create, and then distribute impactful stories while measuring their impact.

Such an approach to press release distribution is one of the many reasons behind its vast clientele base of over 75,000 brands.

Pricing Overview 

  • You can use Cision by subscription, and pricing is readily available if you request.


  • Database 
  • Analytics 
  • Distribution
  • Monitory 
  • Tracking end-audience resonance, reach, and behavior 
  • Communications Cloud 

#5. PRWeb

When compared with some other top press release agencies like PR Newswire, PRWeb is a lot more economical in terms of pricing. The platform’s basic package starts at $99, while its premium package is $389 with no restriction on the word count.

Meanwhile, the advanced package has social media integration, syndication, and direct contact with industry influencers. 

PRWeb has a robust team that comprises 3,000 employees with a footprint across 15 countries. Beyond offering its services in other industries, PRWeb has successfully built a clientele base that includes leading blockchain projects.

Pricing overview

  • Basic: Permanent hosting of a single PR publication ($99)
  • Advanced Package: $289/release with no restrictions on word count
  • Premium: distribution to industry curated influential blogger network, and Twitter feeds ($389)


  • Network of  more than 1,200 websites 


  • Interactive Content
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • API 
  • Performance analysis 
  • Social Promotion 
  • Social Media Integration

#6. Presswire

The Presswire press release distribution service is a registered UK PR agency founded in 2001 and is a great choice for sending releases straight to relevant journalists. Presswire uses a blend of digital and print media for distributing press releases.

Further, it tailor-builds the media lists for every individual release, including national and regional newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, radio, and online media. 

With a global footprint, Presswire helps crypto projects by reaching their targeted audience while taking advantage of vertical industry distribution over at least 140 segments.

Pricing overview

  • $250 per press release distribution in North America, Asia, and Europe. 
  • $250 per release for online syndication to more than 400 news sites


  • 400+ news sites


  • Media contact database 
  • Online syndication 
  • Translate and geo-target
  • Media monitoring

#7. GlobeNewswire

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, GlobeNewswire is one of the top press release distribution services for building awareness, boosting visibility online, and getting more media coverage. It serves thousands of growing businesses, non-profits, agencies, crypto projects, and large global companies. 

GlobeNewswire’s editorial services are one of the industry’s best and offer you services that are tailored to your specific needs and budget. 

What’s more, the agency lets you analyze and measure the impact of your press release while reaching a global audience and offering full-service translation services and editorial support.

Pricing overview

  • Full-Service Publishing to U.S. National ($560)
  • Self-service (DIY) option ($150) 


  • Global reach 


  • Press release distribution 
  • Regulatory filings 
  • Strong media partnerships
  • Newsroom 
  • RSS feeds
  • Dividend reports and estimates
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Geographic and Digital Distribution
  • Full and Self Service Publishing

Comparing the Top Crypto Press Release Newswire Distribution Services

Press Distribution Agency Pricing overview 
Business Wire Local: $475.00 /400-word releaseRegional: $510.00 /400-word releaseNational: $940.00 /400-word releaseCore: $2,495.00 /5 non-earnings releasesAdvanced: $3,295.00 /5 non-earnings releasesPremium: $4,195.00 /5 non-earnings releases
AccessWire Starts from $159.00 per feature as a one-time payment.
PR Newswire PR Newswire will charge clients from as low as $350 to as much as $8700. It all depends on the scope of the distribution. An additional $325 is needed if you want to add multimedia.
CISION You can use Cision by subscription, and pricing is readily available if you request.
PRWebBasic: Permanent hosting of a single PR publication ($99), Advanced Package: $289/release with no restrictions on word count, Premium: distribution to industry curated influential blogger network, and Twitter feeds ($389)
Presswire $250 per press release distribution in North America, Asia, and Europe. $250 per release for online syndication to more than 400 news sites
GlobeNewswire Full-Service Publishing to U.S. National ($560)Self-service (DIY) option ($150) 

Tips to Choose a Crypto Press Release Distribution Service

Companies in the crypto space make important announcements from time to time. Some of these announcements need to travel far and wide to get to the eyes and ears of key stakeholders. 

For this reason, companies offering crypto press release distribution services help blockchain startups to share their important message with expectant readers.

Although there are other ways to do this, contacting a press release distribution service is arguably the sharpest way to distribute messages effectively, quickly, and globally. But before you choose a firm to work with, consider the following tips:

User Experience

One good feature of some of the best PR distribution services is their amazing user experience. Press release service providers should be not only easy to use but also secure. Reviews left by past customers are one way to confirm a PR service’s user experience.

Affordability and Pricing

It makes sense to research the affordability and pricing of some of the best press release distribution services you want to consider. Check their range of services and how much they charge. Meanwhile, look into the availability of contract types such as monthly or yearly plans, upfront payments, and more.

Exposure Capabilities

Crypto PR services have the benefit of giving customers/companies more SEO visibility which can come in handy. For brands or crypto companies that prioritize this, press release agencies with strong domain authority will increase their chances of becoming highly ranked on Google. More so, they can easily be seen by the target audience.

Customer Support

Strong customer support is yet another important factor to consider when choosing a crypto press release distribution service. Great customer support includes editorial support, proofreading, fast response time, 24-hour availability, and general support related to the use of the platform.

List of Media Outlets Covered

There’s a need to find out the number of media outlets your preferred crypto PR release agency covers. A befitting distribution network also includes news content systems and aggregators. 

Also, some agencies offer guaranteed placements in major news sites like Yahoo and Google News. However, geographical scope and pricing plan play a major role in the total package available.

The Kind of Reporting Offered

Reporting provides crypto companies with the right metrics and information to understand the effectiveness of their PR efforts better. Some PR agencies provide sufficient data that shows the exact sites where your PR was published as well, as the average traffic they’ve accrued since then.

Your Targeted Audience

Every PR company has a geographical reach and industrial reach. Geographical reach means the targeted audience in terms of local, national, international, and continental coverage. On the other hand, industrial reach refers to the kind of industries to which the PR company offers services. 

All the firms reviewed in this article offer PR services to a plethora of industries, including blockchain.

Additional Services or Features

What sort of additional services and features does the press release distribution services provider offer? Some PR agencies will distribute your press release via interactive and customizable content. Others can go the extra mile by supporting multimedia content. But one thing is for sure; these features will come at extra prices.


The cryptocurrency and blockchain space are very competitive, and there are little to no barriers to entry. Crypto startups need a defining factor that sets them apart from the competition while establishing them as industry leaders. 

Give a try to the top platforms like Businesswire and AccessWire and see how it goes, you can always try out other agencies if you’re looking for another solution.

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