Crowdcreate Review: Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

Crowdcreate review

Crowdcreate is undoubtedly a big game player in the blockchain, eCommerce, and SaaS marketing industry. As a top marketing agency, it uses proven marketing strategies that keep clients coming.

Let’s analyze Crowdcreate’s marketing style and range of offerings and see why many startups and SaaS companies trust the agency. Keep reading!

What is Crowdcreate?

Crowdcreate is a US-based marketing agency for blockchain, real estate, SaaS, etc. The company has been active since 2014, diversifying its portfolio in different niches and providing quality service in the marketing industry.

Two alumni of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), Ivan Kan and Jeffery Maganis, founded the company and serve as its directors. Crowdcreate also staffs a team of industry-experienced members.

Crowdcreate adopts data-driven and visual capabilities to produce convincing results for its clients. Some of the company’s capabilities include video production, content creation, strategy, investor and sales outreach programs, social media influencers, etc.

The company claims to have successfully completed over 100 PR campaigns for various projects. Crowdcreate creates buzzes, gets users, and grows online communities using its PR and marketing strategy.

Online Channels

Website, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram.

Did you know: Crowdcreate has secured the #2 spot in our best crypto marketing agencies roundup.

Range of Offering

  • SEO: Digitized firms need SEO to reach potential clients organically using written content. Crowdcreate uses this to promote its clients while positioning them as solutions to customers’ needs.
  • Outreach Programs: Crowdcreate adopts different outreach marketing campaigns that include email marketing campaigns, sales, influencer outreach programs, among others.

Through these outreach programs, Crowdcreate establishes relationships with its clients’ potential customers. It also conducts regular checks on how its campaigns affect users and ways to improve them.

  • Community Growth: Community growth is another effective form of Crowdcreate’s outreach campaign that monitors the progress and acclamation of its clients’ products.

Through this offering, Crowdcreate introduces its client into the industrial community, grafting different ways its clients solve people’s impending digital and offline problems.

  • Blockchain Investor and Influencer Marketing: Crowdcreate offers crypto marketing campaigns that promote and provide liquidity for blockchain/DeFi organizations.
  • Video production: Video production is one of the unique offerings of Crowdcreate. Who doesn’t want their product to get featured in a quality video, podcast, or interview?
  • Thought leadership: Crowdcreate is popular in TED talks and leadership programs/seminars. You can check out the company’s proven leadership summits and speeches on Youtube or their website.
  • Content strategy: Content strategy is another effective approach to PR and marketing. Content strategy includes SEO and leads generation through media relations and publications.
  • Investor relations: Crowdcreate has relationships with many influential people in the fintech and digital industry and continually secures more. It claims to connect its clients with potential investors.

Case Studies

Notable Client

Crowdcreate Address

Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Greater US, California, USA.

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