EAK Digital Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

EAK Digital Review
Image source: eakdigital.com

EAK Digital is a leading PR and marketing company with ample experience in the industry. Branding and video production are two of its core marketing approaches.

In this review as we examine the firm in detail, highlighting its offering, history, and portfolio of clients.

What is EAK Digital?

Image source: EAK Digital’s Facebook. From 2019. The dog is definitely a winner.

EAK Digital is a global Blockchain PR Agency headquartered in London that was founded in 2017. The company sees the creative process as only a part of the work, believing it doesn’t stop there.

Its business model takes ideas directly from clients’ minds and converts them to brand concepts. As a result, the company creates bespoke, tailor-made plans for companies. 

Also, EAK Digital creates campaigns and strategies to boost business outlook and produce results. The firm is big on community building and helps customers to nurture and connect with their community.

One of its selling points is helping traditional businesses integrate blockchain technology into their business models. It also connects clients to some of the biggest influencers in the blockchain space, bringing networking opportunities and access to startups. 

EAK Digital comprises a team of professionals with years of experience in marketing, blockchain, and finance. With offices in London and Tokyo, it has a wide reach to manage clients worldwide.

Online Channels:

Website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Did you know: EAK Digital has secured the #13 spot in our best crypto marketing companies roundup.

Range of Offering

  • Blockchain PR Services: EAK Digital helps businesses to cut through the crowded and hype-driven market. The company uses bold campaigns to differentiate its clients from the crowd and provide solutions to customer problems.
  • Tech PR Services: Technology firms need public relations like any other type of company. EAK Digital offers media relations, communications strategy, press releases, etc., to help these companies.
  • Branding and Design Services: EAK Digital oversees the general design and branding of clients. It helps clients to build a brand identity from scratch and also rebrand where necessary.
  • KOL Engagements: EAK Digital assists startups in connecting with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). The agency creates effective KOL engagement strategies to meet this goal.
  • Virtual Events Services: Virtual events run only online and reach and connect with customers worldwide. EAK Digital helps companies to plan these events.
  • IEO PR services: Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a new way of raising money for cryptocurrency. EAK Digital creates public relations strategies for its clients in that line of work.

Notable Clients

EAK Digital Address

86-90 Paul St Hackney, London, EC2A 4NE, UK.

1-6-5 Jinnan Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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