Flexe.io Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

Flexe.io review
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Flexe.io has become a well-known brand in the crypto marketing space, in a relatively short period of time. This article highlights some important information about the company, including its services, capabilities, and portfolio.

What is Flexe.io?

Flexe.io is a multi-service marketing and PR agency for crypto and fintech companies. The agency began operations in 2018, and in a short time, handles both simple and complex projects as some top blockchain marketing firms have done.

Flexe.io has its head office in Moscow and offers services to a global crypto and fintech industry. Its team comprises over 20 PR, marketing, finance, tech, and blockchain industry professionals.

Flexe.io has completed over 200 client projects, partnered with over 150 top media houses, and offers 30 marketing services.

Online Channels: 

Website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram

Did you know: Flexe.io has secured the #7 spot in our best crypto marketing agencies roundup

Range of Offering

  • Traffic Generation: Looking at the agency’s portfolio and testimonial, Flexe.io boasts of channeling loads of traffic to its clients through partnerships with publishing powerhouses in the fintech niche such as Yahoo Finance and Cointelegraph.
  • Brand Awareness: Flexe.io specializes in promoting the services and products of different blockchain and DeFi brands through its PR and marketing strategies. 

Brand awareness may take many resources, which could become a big task for most PR agencies. Testimonies from satisfied clients prove that Flexe.io may be a perfect fit for the job.

  • Community Growth: Flexe.io also creates brand awareness through crypto community-centered seminars, webinars, and podcasts. Its clients would have a chance to relate and discuss their products with potential customers.
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns: Flexe.io has experts in the advertisement section who are experienced in running strategic ad campaigns on social media and Google.
  • Crypto Influencer Marketing: Flexe.io connects clients to notable crypto influencers on social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The agency also has an Asian Influencer program that promotes clients’ brands in Korea and China and draws investors from these regions.
  • Coin Listing: ICO and crypto listing in notable exchanges is another expertise of Flexe.io. The agency boasts of completing several projects and has listed several DAO governance tokens in top exchanges.
  • Email Marketing: Flexe.io offers email marketing, one of the most effective tools in the marketing niche. Email marketing lets clients develop and distribute their content to potential and defined customers through email lists.
  • Content Management and Distribution: Flexe.io partners with crypto influencers and publishers online to create quality content for its clients and distribute it across notable platforms to enhance promotions.
  • Video Production: Flexe.io has a team of video experts that create well-scripted videos. The team also organizes and distributes video clips of clients’ interviews across various platforms on the internet.
  • Landing Page and White Paper Development: Flexe.Io also helps brands to develop landing pages and white papers. Great landing pages give clients a professional look online, while standardized white paper aims to highlight the clients’ offerings and initiatives.
  • DEX listing: Flexe.io partners with top decentralized exchanges, yield farming, and crypto loaning platforms to list its clients’ utility tokens. Through this, its clients may increase the value of the governance tokens and their project’s profitability.

Case Studies

Notable Clients

Flexe.io Address

Moscow, Russia.

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