Guerrilla Buzz Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

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Guerilla Buzz claims to adopt a unique marketing style that defines the firm as a “non-traditional boutique growth agency.”

In this Guerilla Buzz review, we’ll walk you through its services and the notable clients it has served in the past.

What is Guerilla Buzz?

Guerilla Buzz is a Tel Aviv-based PR and marketing company with a focus on the crypto industry. The company started fully in 2018 and is one of the top blockchain marketing companies worldwide.

Guerilla Buzz has a team of over ten professionals in the marketing and blockchain industries who have gained experience working in other top marketing companies and agencies in the past.

The company has featured and completed several projects for clients, including top brands such as CoinGecko, CryptoHopper, and Bancor. It also claims to have raised over $300 million in funding through ICOs and STOs.

Its marketing approach is an all-in-one package covering blockchain marketing and PR, SEO content marketing, management, and distribution, public and investor relations, etc. It is exclusively a blockchain marketing agency.

Online Channels:

Website, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Did you know: Guerilla Buzz has secured the #12 spot in our best crypto marketing agencies roundup.

Range of Offering

  • Blockchain PR: Guerilla Buzz relates its clients’ products, services, and positive image to the public through media partnership and publishing. Blockchain companies looking to increase their token value or get their visions to prospective investors can leverage this service. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is indisputably a unique marketing approach whereby content aligns with the several queries customers looking for a solution enter in search engines.

Guerilla Buzz ensures that content for its clients is SEO-friendly and easy to understand. Through this practice, the firm passes the vision and offerings of clients to prospective readers.

  • Content Marketing: Guerilla Buzz leverages trends in the blockchain ecosystem to make exciting content for crypto and blockchain communities on the internet.

Its content management team ensures these articles are properly distributed on various media outlets by partners and blockchain publishing sites.

  • Community Growth: Community growth requires strategic handling and skillset. Guerilla Buzz uses its team of experts to promote clients through community growth and handles their prepaid blockchain communities on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, etc.
  • Branding: Every project needs a face to market its services successfully. Guerilla Buzz helps brands get presentable faces through excellent graphical services such as logo and content design templates.
  • Fundraising: Guerilla Buzz assists crypto brands in raising liquidity through ICOs, STO, IEOs, and IDOs. It achieves this by partnering with crypto influencers and communities. 

Case Studies

Notable Clients

MarketAcross Address

Derech Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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