MarketAcross Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities and More

Should you give MarketAcross a try? Keep reading to get to know the agency.
MarketAcross Review

MarketAcross, one of the leading blockchain marketing companies out there, offers a high-quality performance-based marketing approach for blockchain and crypto businesses.

Keep reading to find out more about this agency.

What is MarketAcross?

MarketAcross is a PR and marketing agency for blockchain and fintech startups. It has been providing digital marketing solutions for such firms since 2014.

The firm is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has a team of experienced blockchain and marketing experts. Every member of the team has specialties to ensure the firm meets its clients’ desired goals.

MarketAcross’ team, source:

In addition to other services, MarketAcross has sustained responsive customer support over the years, which is its selling point because healthy communication is key to keeping clients and providing innovative and improved services. 

The firm applies an effective marketing strategy through a unique content marketing and PR approach, strategy, and ideation. It pitches its clients’ stories to media publishers (editors, journalists, and more) and lands media coverage on high authority and well-known publications.

MarketAcross boasts notable achievements, justified in its robust portfolio, experience level, and case studies involving clients that have left satisfactory reviews for its services.

The firm has served over 150 clients, out of which over 32% are among the top 100 crypto market cap firms. These and many more make the company stand out as one of the world’s top blockchain PR and marketing companies.

Online Channels

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Did you know: MarketAcross has secured the #1 spot in our best crypto marketing agencies roundup.

Range of Offering

  • SEO: SEO is one of the tested and proven strategies to get organic traffic. MarketAcross understands this formula and makes it its number one priority in helping firms gain visibility through SEO practices.
  • Public Relations: MarketAcross comprises professionals with ample experience in managing and representing the image of its clients to the public.
  • Community Growth: MarketAcross hosts outreach programs, including public speaking and seminars that directly or indirectly promote its clients. 
  • Content Distribution: MarketAcross oversees and maintains the content that promotes its clients, ensuring it is compliant with their objectives and desired goals.
  • Fundraising and ICO: Fundraising and initial coin offerings are ways different fintech and blockchain startups raise liquidity for their current and prospective projects. MarketAcross grafts strategies to achieve this through utility token launches and airdrops.
  • Investors Relations: Investors Relations is another form of PR that condenses to investors. MarketAcross generates leads and ensures its client’s investors comply with the set agreements.
  • Media Relations and Content Placement: A good media relationship is healthy for every startup, and for effective PR and marketing, media relationships must be a priority.
  • Online Reputation Management Services (ORM): MarketAcross works tirelessly to protect the image of its clients against negative reviews from non-constructive criticisms. Through this, its clients can continue being relevant online as they pursue their set objectives.
  • Thought Leadership: MarketAcross works with clients’ executives to help transform them into thought leaders and influencers who can stand on their own when they terminate their contract with the marketing company.

Case Studies

Notable Client Portfolio

MarketAcross Address

Se’adya Ga’on St 24, Tel Aviv, Israel

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