Melrose PR Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

melrosePR review 2022

Melrose PR has been in the business of PR long enough to offer good services to its clients. Startups looking to establish their images to the public and generate leads will find it beneficial.

Notwithstanding, there is so much to learn about the PR agency in this review. Keep reading to discover more!

What is Melrose PR?

Melrose PR is a Silicon Valley-based PR and marketing agency. The agency has been providing PR services to startups in the fintech and blockchain industries since 2012.

Melrose PR has a team of over 15 personnel with experts in the marketing, finance, and technology space, who combine expertise to champion ICO and fintech PR services to clients.

The firm claims to have connections to top media houses in the finance and mainstream media. It leverages its relationship with these companies, including prospective ones, to promote clients at top levels.

Melrose PR has worked with many top clients and has completed many projects that make them worthy to rank as a top PR and marketing company globally. 

The agency is open to innovative startups looking to launch or promote existing projects. Whichever the case, Melrose has a reputation for working with clients for as long as necessary to help them reach maximum potential.

Online Channels: 

Website, LinkedIn, Twitter

Did you know: Melrose PR has secured the #6 spot in our best blockchain PR marketing agencies roundup

Range of Offering

  • SEO: Melrose PR ensures its clients’ promotional content is SEO-friendly to drive organic traffic and generate leads. SEO is an invaluable approach to reaching strategic customers who may search Google for related queries.
  • Strategy: Melrose PR strategically carries out its services to produce maximum results. One of the strategies involves positioning its clients with different promotional tools and content to reach clients’ KPI goals.
  • Press Relations: Melrose PR builds solid relationships with online influencers and publishers. Some popular partners of the agency are Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, Fast Company, Fortune, and many more.

A good press relationship is healthy for blockchain startups because people trust the press and would relate well with clients if they introduced relevant DeFi products.

  • Thought Leadership: Melrose PR engages in media training to give clients the privilege of having heart-to-heart discussions with the press through organized interviews.

Other avenues for thought leadership include podcasts, live commentary or videos on social media or Youtube, seminars and events, op-eds, etc.

  • Content Management and Distribution: Content is one of the effective ways to stay relevant to customers and build traffic. Melrose PR drafts, develops, edits, and distributes quality content to popular influencers and publishers.

The agency ensures blog posts involving clients are SEO-compliant and reach as much organic traffic as possible user active SEO tools. Also, Melrose PR develops video scripts that explain its clients’ visions.

  • Community Growth: Community Growth is another service Melrose PR offers clients through orientation programs and outreach services. 

Community growth remains one of the effective PR strategies because prospects learn about decentralized products and how to use them or participate in related protocols.

Case Studies

Notable Clients

Melrose PR Address

Santa Monica, California, USA.

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