Ninja Promo Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

Ninja Promo review 2022

Ninja Promo offers digital services in the finance, technology, and blockchain industries. Its services are unique because it leverages social media to create effective and strategic marketing for its clients.

Ninja Promo brings more to the table, and in this review, we’ll learn about them, including its offering and notable clients.

What is Ninja Promo?

Ninja Promo is a marketing and PR company from the United States. It started operations in 2017 and has grown to become a top marketing agency worldwide.

Ninja Promo has another office in Lithuania, serving regions in Europe and beyond. The company’s staff comprises experts in blockchain, social media, and influencer marketing.

Ninja Promo leverages social media and online media influencers to create, develop, and distribute SEO-friendly content across the internet. The agency also develops promotional video content for its clients.

Ninja Promo has worked with many clients in the fintech and blockchain industries, providing digitized and promotional services and helping them reach desired KPIs. 

Online Channels: 

Website, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Youtube.

Did you know: Ninja Promo has secured the #8 spot in our best crypto marketing agencies page.

Range of Offering

  • Social Media Marketing: This is one of the agency’s major services. Ninja Promo leverages social media to promote clients’ products and services through effective strategies.

The agency also offers unique services for crypto firms and organizations, builds a strong community of trustees, gets feedback, and generates high KPIs through social media.

  • Video Production: Ninja Promo develops interesting video content for clients’ products, such as social media videos, ads, promotions, and live videos.

The firm does other forms of video production, including explainer videos, motion graphics, stock footage, 2D/3D animations, etc.

OpenExhibition Explainer, by Ninja Promo
  • Blockchain Marketing: Ninja Promo assists crypto and DeFi firms looking to scale in the industry with professional marketing services. Blockchain marketing includes a whole new strategy that includes ICO, STO, IEO, brand and product awareness, token listing, etc.
  • Advertisement Campaigns: Ninja Promo actively develops ad campaigns on different promotional channels, including social media and Google. Its paid promotions are primarily PPC campaigns.
  • Public Relations: PR is another prioritized offering of Ninja Promo that presents a good image of its clients to the public. Through this, potential customers may know about upcoming projects and products of its clients.
  • Community Management: Online crypto community development and management is another way to reach out to potential customers. Ninja Promo leverages crypto groups and forums on Discord and Reddit to promote and solve queries using its clients’ offerings.
  • Content Management and Distribution: Content is king, and Ninja Promo has a host of content experts that can craft great content for its clients. It also boasts online publishing houses such as Hackernoon, Yahoo Finance, etc.
  • Thought Leadership: Through leadership summits, seminars, webinars, podcasts, videos, etc., Ninja Promo engages crypto enthusiasts in innovative ideas and propositions and in-between promotes its clients.

Notable Clients and Case Studies

Ninja Promo Address

276 5th Avenue, NY 10001, New York, USA

Šaltinių gatvė 22, Vilnius, 03213, Lithuania

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