Token Agency Review – Offering, Expertise, Capabilities, and More

Token Agency

In this Token Agency review you’ll learn more about the company, including its offering and services, expertise, portfolio, and case studies.

What is Token Agency?

Token Agency is a fintech and blockchain marketing firm in the United States founded by Rob Behnke in 2017. Before founding Token Agency, Behnke started two other firms, which he left and headed the crypto way.

He has sheer experience consulting for different Blockchain companies. In the same vein, Token Agency has a team of experienced entrepreneurs, marketers, and engineers.

The firm uses tested techniques to provide support and marketing solutions for crypto and tech projects. According to its website, Token Agency has partnered in over 100 blockchains and ICO projects, offering them advisory services.

As a full-service consulting firm, Token Agency specializes in STOs, ICOs, and IEOs for cutting-edge crypto companies and organizations. The agency also handles project launches and token designs.

Online Channels:


Did you know: Token Agency has secured the #21 spot in our best crypto marketing agencies roundup.

Range of Offering

  • Programmatic Advertising: Token Agency has a large data set of 30M unique GDPR compliant IDs to target global crypto enthusiasts. It runs online ROI campaigns that help clients scale and reaches desired CPAs.
  • Public Relations: As tricky as journalism in the cryptocurrency space may be, Token Agency makes it easy by building strong relationships with top media houses such as WSJ, Bloomberg, CoinDesk, and more, to reach a larger audience.
  • Strategic Consulting: Token Agency appears to have what it takes to guide your brand from a lower level to become cultural epicenters through their strategic consulting.
  • SEO: Token Agency creates SEO-friendly content that leads to higher consumer trust and generates organic traffic. SEO is a perfect marketing approach considering its problem-solving module.
  • IEO Placement: The agency builds a relationship with different reputable exchanges to increase token sales. Through this, it attracts investors, increases profitability, and promotes innovation for its clients’ projects.
  • Investor Pitch Coaching: Token Agency’s pitch coaching and design workflow are campaigns that help drive recognition to brands through play-and-win contests and hackathons.
  • Branding & Design: The company specializes in creating and designing brand names, logos, voices, and guidelines for your crypto brands.
  • Video Production: Producing user-friendly and interesting videos are another excellent specialty of Token Agency. The agency has professionals ready to develop and distribute brand videos from scratch.
  • Influencer Marketing: Aside from publishing clients’ promotional content and solutions on top media websites, Token Agency partners with other top crypto influencers on reputable social media outlets like Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Content Management: Token Agency claims to have distributed dozens of ghost-written SEO content on the web. The company also strategizes and manages these contents, so it aligns with the objectives of its clients.

Notable Clients

Token Agency Address

  • New York Office

295 Madison Ave, 12th Floor, New York, USA.

  • San Francisco Office


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